Welcome to ALTEC!

For more than 35 years now we have been a successful manufacturer of high-quality aluminium scaffolding, aircraft and helicopter docks, process aluminium industrial parts and make custom-made products.

The right scaffolding system for everyone


Ideal for indoor use, also for stairs
  • Max. Working height 10 m
  • Work surface:0,6 x 1,4 m


    Product Features:

  • Lighter, faster and tool-free assembly
  • Available with foot plates as stand tower or with castors as mobile scaffold tower
  • The height of the coverings can be selected at will, they can be hooked into any rung.
  • Sturdy welded aluminium construction ensures low ballasting requirements
  • Variable assembly in 1 m increments and can also be used on stairs
  • Traverse for easy ballast mounting, as well as for mounting in the middle and on a wall

    Technical specifications

  • Conforms to DIN EN-1004:2005, TÜV-tested and statically proven
  • Scaffolding class 3 with 200 kg/m² or 180 kg total load
  • Material: high-strength aluminium alloy
  • Working surface 1. 5 m x 0. 6 m
  • Max. Working height outside and in closed rooms 10,2m
  • Covering: weatherproof and slip-resistant phenolic resin screen printing plate (7-fold veneered) with aluminium frame, slip-resistant


We offer our folding scaffold AluKlik in 0,70 m and in almost double width, namely 1,35 m. The narrow version (width: 70 cm) comes with a working height of 5 m or more and a triangular boom. For the double-width version (135 cm), the triangular cantilevers are included in the scope of delivery from a working height of 8 m.

  • AluLight

    AluLight rolling towers are light yet extremely resilient and, depending on the equipment, have a generous work surface. For this reason, the AluLight is ideally suited for professional use. The AluLight is available in many variants. Put together your configuration according to your needs!

    The AluLight range basically consists of two equipment variants: the proven AluLight-Classic and the low-cost AluLight Sparvariante, which provides a particularly inexpensive entry into the professional sector. With the ALTEC AluLight scaffolding system you remain flexible. It can be extended from 4. 4 m to 14 m working height and is available in two widths (0. 70 m and 1. 35 m) and two different lengths (2. 5 m and 3. 0 m). This allows you to achieve a maximum working area of 1. 35 m x 3. 00 m! The larger footprint gives the scaffold even more stability.

    The scope of delivery of our AluLight mobile scaffold towers includes, if necessary (depending on height and/or version), four triangular cantilevers to additionally stabilize the scaffold on all sides. The AluLight is assembled without tools: the struts are simply fixed with self-locking claws. The vertical frames are connected with tube clip pins and the triangular cantilevers are screwed on with wing nuts.

  • AluSprint

    AluSprint, the first working and protective scaffold approved by the building authorities (Z-8. 1-214) consisting exclusively of aluminium, can be used without restriction as working, protective and catching scaffold according to DH 1000 / DIN 4420. High-strength aluminium materials are two thirds lighter than steel. Thus it is possible that the AluSprint is the lightest facade scaffold with approximately 6 kg/m² of scaffolding. This results in a serious advantage during transport. A 7.5 t truck can thus load scaffolding material for up to 600 m² of scaffolding, a 1.2 t car trailer accordingly creates material for 115 m².

    Craftsmen and scaffolders alike appreciate the advantages of the AluSprint: low weight combined with maximum stability and stability! The lightweight system parts can be assembled easily, quickly and safely. The maximum construction height in the standard version is 26 m working height without any restrictions. This means that AluSprint is the first aluminium facade scaffold to be approved as a protective scaffold with complete cladding.

    Outstanding features of the AluSprint system are the vertical frames and the self-locking coverings. The vertical frames of this scaffold are open, as the lower cross strut can be dispensed with. This enables space-saving transport, simplified handling of the pavements and more flexibility when building over obstacles.

  • Well equipped? We will help you to make the right choice for your scaffolding.

    To help you with your purchase decision, here are a few important questions about the application possibilities and the local conditions of your scaffolding application.

    What work space is available to you?

    (Dimension of the pavement or platform with 0. 7m or 1. 35m).
    Do you need your scaffolding with a specific work surface?
    ; Here is an overview of the floor covering sizes of all ALTEC scaffolding systems.

    What is the maximum working height I can or must reach?


    What is the maximum load capacity?

    The maximum load evenly distributed on the platform is 200 kg/m² for all ALTEC scaffolds. This corresponds to load class 3 according to EN 1004. A platform of 3. 0 m (AluLight) can therefore be loaded with a maximum of 360 kg.

    Do you prefer a system with foot plates or wheels?

    olling scaffolds are mobile and are used, for example, when the position of the scaffold is to be flexibly changeable. This mobility is ensured by rollers inserted on both sides at the lower end of the scaffolding. Scaffolds with foot plates offer a slightly better stability and always have spindles for height adjustment.

    Should the scaffold also be able to be erected on stairs?

    If this is the case, we recommend the systems RollFix und AluLight, But not AluKlik!

    How often is the scaffold used or how much time do you have for erection?

    For rare use the system RollFix is recommended, otherwise the AluKlik and AluLight plug-in systems. For daily use we recommend theAluLight Stair Tower with the fast and comfortable ascent over stairs.

    What is the maximum weight of the scaffold?

    All our scaffolds are recommended because they are made exclusively of aluminium.

    Are ALTEC scaffolds certified?

    All ALTEC rolling towers have been tested by TÜV-Süd.

    How many triangular cantilevers do I have to use?

    For free-standing erection of the scaffold, four outriggers must be fitted. For installation on a wall, two brackets in combination with wall anchors are sufficient.

    Why do scaffolding parts from other manufacturers not fit to an ALTEC scaffold?

    The scaffolding parts of other manufacturers often have different dimensions. In addition, the static calculation and TÜV certification are based on the exclusive use of ALTEC scaffolding components.

    Why is the maximum working height inside closed rooms 14 m higher than outside 10 m?

    This requirement results from EN 1004 and is essentially due to wind loads.

    At what wind strength is a rolling tower to be brought into closed rooms?

    A rolling tower must be moved into a closed room from wind force 6 Bft or secured against overturning by other means.

    What is the maximum permissible inclination of a rolling tower?

    The max. permissible inclination is 1% and must be produced using spindles or spindleable base plates.

    What kind of work is a rolling tower suitable for?

    Areas of application in buildings:

    • Painting work, also in stairwells or very high rooms
    • Installation of lamps
    • Electrical installation
    • Wallpapering

    Outdoor applications:
    • Painting work on the facade
    • Plastering of facades
    • Anbringen von Wärmedämm-Systemen
    • Installation of thermal insulation systems
    • Cleaning work (gutter, roof tiles)
    • Installation of windows
    • Pruning of trees or hedges

    Can I erect a scaffold on my own?

    Yes, normally this is not a problem. The scaffolds presented here are also suitable for private use (RollFix), but especially for craftsmen, scaffolders and lessors (AluLight and AluKlik). Most scaffolds are designed in such a way that they can be assembled alone. Special tools are therefore not necessary.