Stairs and Ladders

Mobile platform stairs


  • Height platform: 2800mm to 3500mm
  • drawing number: 31525


Assembly stair ZN-20290.23 20290.23

Width x Height: 1000mm x 250mm

Assembly stair ZN-20291.23 20291.23

Width x Height: 1000mm x 280mm

Assembly stair NH990-ZW-UEB 27625

Width x Height: 1251mm x 338mm

Assembly stair 1UELZEN-Aufst.-Podest 19908.03

Width x Height: 1325mm x 360mm

Assembly stair 1TS-TR-0406-0-0 17560

Width x Height: 650mm x 400mm

Assembly stair ZN-17094.03-0 17094

Width x Height: 500mm x 400mm

Assembly stair 1HB-TR-5040-2-A 16735

Width x Height: 550mm x 480mm

Assembly stair 1BM-AP-0510-0-0 16591

Width x High: 1000mm x 500mm

Assembly stair 1RUA-ARBEITSPOD-500 12789

Width x Height: 666mm x 682mm

Assembly stair DOCK-NH90-AP-ST 250987

Width x High: 1500mm x 739mm

Assembly stair-17089.03-0 ZN-17089.03-0 218429

Width x Height: 600mm x 755mm

Assembly stair 1MK-AP-0406-0-0 16207

Width x Height: 666mm x 787mm

Assembly stair PT-X-800X1000 19986

Width x Height: 1000mm x 800mm

Assembly stair PT-X-800X600 19998

Breite x Höhe: 600mm x 800mm

Assembly stair ZN-13799.03-0 27298

Width x Height: 860mm x 850mm

Assembly stair 1TS-TR-0811-0-0 17565

Width x Height: 1100mm x 880mm

Assembly stair 1HÄ-TR-1080-0-0 17819

Width x Height: 720mm x 998mm

Assembly stair 1AIRASTANALADER 18333-1

Width x Height: 1252mm x 1000mm


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