Advantages of an ALTEC aluminium bridge


  1. Long service life due to the aluminium alloys used

  2. Excellent price/performance ratio due to the use of a modular construction system

  3. Maintenance and corrosion-free due to the material used

  4. Fast bridge assembly within a few hours with subsequent, immediate commissioning

  5. Short delivery times and low transport costs due to low weight

  6. Minimal maintenance costs even after decades

  7. The aluminium bridges are 100 % recyclable

Pulverbeschichtete Brücke
Powder coated Bridge


Our Services

  • 1. Planing

  • 2. Statics

  • 3. Production

  • 4. Assembly

  • 5. Preparation of the bridge book


Technical execution


  • When constructing the bridge, we always comply with EN 1090 Parts 1 and 3 in conjunction with Eurocode 9. If required, planning and execution can be carried out in accordance with other standards.


  • The bridges are designed as standard for a load of 500 kg/m². If necessary, a higher load can also be taken into account.


  • Framework are manufactured according to customer requirements either as screw or welded constructions. Special profiles with various alloy variants are used.


  • The bridge transitions are made by means of a grinding plate.


  • The bridge balustrades are made of aluminium railings, which are installed between or next to the upper and lower chord of the framework. A version with glass and perforated sheeting is also possible.


  • The bridge is completely manufactured in the factory, transported to the assembly site as a complete assembly and lifted in within a few hours using lifting gears.


Eloxierte Brücke
The bridge is transported to its destination by truck.
Einheben der Brücke mit einem Bagger
Lifting the bridge with a truck-mounted crane
Einheben der Brücke mit einem Autokran Lifting the bridge with an excavator
Geländeranschluss an Fachwerktrogbrücke
Anodized bridge
Geländerverlängerung an Fachwerktrogbrücke
The railing connection is also available from us.
Aluminium-Brücke wird auf LKW verladenA railing extension matching the bridge is also possible.




Types of construction


Frame bridges

Konstruktionsansicht Fachwerkbrücke
Construction cross section

In the case of a trussed bridge, the structural structure is the load-bearing structure.

Trough bridges

Konstruktionsansicht Trogbrücke
Construction cross section

The carriageway slab is arranged between the main girders.

Hollow box bridges

Konstruktionsansicht Hohlkastenbrücke
Construction cross section

The hollow box is a girder whose cross-section encloses a hollow space.

Special constructions

Beispielhafte Konstruktionsansicht Sonderkonstruktion
Construction cross section

Custom-made products according to customer requirements



Surface design of frame bridges


Konstruktionsansicht Aluminiumbrücke


  • ► Weather-resistant and offshore suitable epoxy coating consisting of primer, colour shade according to desired RAL shade and clear coat, if required with anti-graffiti protection

  • ► Anodized coating

  • ► Powder coating to the desired RAL colour, if required with anti-graffiti protection



Colour examples

LIght grey

Dark blue

Light green

Dark green


Railing material

  1. Aluminium filling bar railing with epoxy coating

  2. Larch wood as bar railing

  3. Perforated sheet

  4. Safety glass

  5. Vertical steel cables

Filler bar railing aluminium Filler bar railing aluminium
Füllstabgeländer Aluminium Filler bar railing larch wood

Tread material

  1. Aluminum structure planks

  2. Larch wood

  3. Safety glass

  4. Glass fibre reinforced composite planks of slip class R11

  5. 2-component epoxy resin / polyurethane double coating + quartz sand scattering class R13 and desired RAL color

Construction sketch of a truss bridge
Laufbelag auf Aluminiumbrücke
2-component epoxy resin / polyurethane double coating with quartz sand scattering
Handlauf aus Edelstahl
Stainless steel handrail

Use and application of our bridges


  • Bicyclist and pedestrian bridges


  • harbors


  • Viewing platforms


  • Railway crossings

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