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Horse Transport Containers (Horse Boxes/Collapsible Horse Stalls)

Product Features

  • Size: Up to 3 show horses
  • Front and rear door as a ramp or as a rotating door
  • Complete with adjustable and retractable partition walls
  • Suitable for return transport as cargo
  • If necessary, folded to a total height of 40 cm
  • advantage due to the foldability: minimizing the cost and space required on the return transport of empty containers

Technical Specifications

  • Mounted on approved air cargo pallets (96 "x 125")
  • Designed for the transport by means of a B747
  • Approved Total weight: 4,380 kg
  • Weight: 1,380 kg
  • Height: 2.229 mm Width 2.438 mm, length 3.175 mm
  • Ramp height: 1,555 mm ramp width: 1,514 mm



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