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Stationary and mobile scaffold

From Hobby-Scaffold Piccolo, the Do-it-Yourself scaffold RollFix, the professional system AluKlik-/AluDeck up to the to the professional and rental mobile scaffold systems AluLight and HiLite, ALTEC provides the right solution for every need. From 4 to 14 meters working height. A variety of products with consistently superior quality and user-oriented features. Help yourself!


Facade scaffold

With its innovative aluminum facade scaffolding system AluSprint ALTEC offers a working and safety scaffold with variable field lengths and lengths compensation that meets all requirements and the general Building Inspection Requirements. In a modified form even a maximum building height of 40 meters can be achieved.


Roof scaffold

With the AluTop we offer a fireplace and roof structure that characterizes itself through an exceptional easy assembly. The AluSecura is a flat roof fall protection which allows the protection of large flat roof areas within a short time in a cost-effective way.