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Mobile hangar extension


Sealing above

Pipe of the ventilation system




  • Hall extension, for purpose of corrosion resistance and movement, is made of aluminium box girders and recovered aluminium sandwich panels.
  • The total width of the hall extension is 10000 mm and the total height 15000 mm, so that a wide body nose dock can be integrated while tail-in docking. The integration of a tail dock while nose-in docking would also be possible.
  • When not needed, the hall extension can be taken away by tow vehicle.
  • A guying for the purpose of use at medium and high wind speeds takes place via six separate chains, so that the hall doors are not loaded. A modification of the hall is thus not necessary.
  • The hall extension is equipped with lighting, sockets and a ventilation system.
  • On the sides, the sealing is achieved through integrated receivers whereas upwards an inflatable tube were used.
  • Integrated windows allow always a sufficient exposure to light.