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Height adjustable maintenance and access stairs

Standard version

Height adjustable stair standard version

Step- and platform covering
Aluminium serrated metal planks of the highest slip resistance class R13, permeable to water
Swivel wheels with brakes
Two solid rubber swivel wheels on the stair access, with Ø 250 mm, with brakes, puncture-free
For a better mobility with a towing vehicle. The drawbar is insertable between the steps.
Initial step
For a better security the initial step is coated yellow (RAL 1028)
Welded rails (height: 1100 mm) which are ergonomically shaped. Handrails, mid rails, on the platform including toe board
Edge protection
Tube pads and protective hose (Ø 60 mm) to protect the aircraft against damage which are in red signal colour and are skydrol-resistant
Below the platform triangular red, on the stair access rectangular and white, at the sides round and orange
Fixed wheels
Full rubber wheel, Ø 300 mm, with foot protection, puncture-free
Height adjustment
Via hand winch by rack and pinion drive, incl. mechanical protection via security bolts

Example: height adjustment via rack and pinion drive, incl. mechanical protection via security bolts

Custom made

Multi aircraft height adjustable cargo door inspection platform
B1 Stand
B4 Stand
Multi door A380 / B737 access stairs
MS-21 Cargo door access stairs
B2-Stand / MS-21 Cockpit access stairs
A330 / A343 / A346 / B744 / B748 Engine stair