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Fuelling stair, height adjustable

Height adjustable, doubel-axial fuelling stair with swivelling drawbar and brakes



  • Material: Aluminium
  • Max. speed: 21 km/h
  • Earthing cable
  • 2x fuelling nozzle with hoses and couplers

Height adjustment

  • Height adjustment by hydraulic system via hand pump and simultaneous mechanical safety
  • Hand pump with lever
  • Height adjustment: 2500 to 4250 mm


  • Entry step, drawbar and platform are coated in yellow for better safety
  • Step and platform covering made of anti-slip, serrated metal plate (slip resistance R13)
  • Inclination: min. 26° and max. 53°

Tires and stabilizers

  • 4x pneumatic tires (Ø 550 mm)
  • Fenders at all tires
  • Including stabilizer jacks with hand winch for better stabilization


  • Width: 650 mm
  • Length: 960 mm


  • Railing height
  • Hand rail on the stair with mid rail
  • Hand rail on the platform with mid rail and toe board


  • Folding / swiveling drawbar
  • Drawbar eye with Ø 76 mm


  • red at the back
  • yellow on sides
  • white at front