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Fuelling Stairs with fixed platform height

Double-axle fuelling stairs fixed platform height. The stair is directly equipped with hoses. Thus the fuelling operation can be performed from each step. The folding drawbar is space-saving and also acts as a brake.



  • Material: Aluminium
  • Working height: from 2900 mm to ca. 3600 mm
  • Length: 2864 mm
  • Width: 2154 mm
  • Earthing cable
  • 1x fuelling nozzle with hose and coupler


  • Platform width: 650 mm
  • Platform length: 600 mm
  • Platform height: 1600 mm
  • Step- and platform covering: Corrugated aluminium profiles


  • Railing height: 1010 mm
  • Hand rail on the stair: with mid rail
  • Hand rail on the platform: with mid rail and and toe board


  • Number of steps: 8 (incl. platform)
  • Inclination: 34°
  • Width of stair: 650 mm
  • Step depth: 300 mm


  • 4x pneumatic tires (Ø 550 mm)
  • Fendors at all tires

Tow bar

  • Tow bar at the front


  • red at the back
  • yellow on sides
  • white at front