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Ground support equipment

Our maintenance stairs are mobile and can be used for almost every maintenance work on your aircraft, for example as access to the pax doors, the cargo doors or maintenance and service work at fuselage, on or beneath the wings.

The maintenance stairs can be moved very easily with little force and manpower due to the lightweight aluminium construction and the castors.

Maintenance stairs with height adjustment can be adapted according to the circumstances and therefore offer additionally flexibility.

On request, the stairs can be individually equipped with a contour adaptation. Railings and platform can be thus customized for any plane or helicopter.

Get convenient access to these important regions of your aircraft with an ALTEC maintenance and access stair:

  • Access to the passenger doors
  • Access to the cargo doors
  • Maintenance work on the fuselage
  • Maintenance work on the chassis
  • Maintenance work below the wings


During the construction and manufacturing process of the maintenance stairs, we consider the following norms and standards:

  • DIN EN 1915
  • DIN EN 12312
  • BGV C 10


Maintenance and access stairs with fixed platform height Height adjustable maintenance and access stairs Fuelling stairs



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